Frequently asked questions...

  • What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (or AR) is a technology where the view through the camera on your device is augmented (or altered) in real-time by adding virtual elements that seem to appear in the real world. The spider you have nurtured and grown to full maturity can appear in the real world to amaze your friends

  • How can I lower the humidity during the game ?

You can raise the humidity levels by using the water spray and then wait for them to lower naturally over time. Or try increasing the heat to accelerate the lowering of humidity. Remember that incorrect heat and or humidity will make your spider unhappy.


  • Why can't I connect to facebook?

Some users have reported trouble connecting to Facebook, this can happen if you have denied permission to the application previously. If this is the case you will need to reset the permissions for the ScarySpiders application on your Facebook account and try again. The simplest way to do this is to log into Facebook via the Facebook website or mobile application. Go to the apps settings and remove the Scary Spiders app. The next time you try to connect to Facebook from within the app it should re-prompt you for permissions, make sure to grant the permissions or you will not be able to connect to Facebook from the application. If this does not solve your Facebook connection issues, please contact us.


  • The game freezes on the splash screen.

If the app freezes during launch please completely close the application (In android, use the "Force Stop" button if enabled from the application manager). Wait 10 seconds and then attempt to launch the app again. Please contact us if the app is still freezing on launch.


Still having trouble, then contact us